20 Festively Easy Wine Bottle Crafts For Holiday Home Decorating

So, Christmas decorating season is here. This is my absolute favorite time of year. I love decorating for the holidays and can’t wait until it’s time to get out the tree and set out the ornaments. Between baking those amazing Christmas sweets and decorating, there’s always time for DIYing. Let’s get started on some Christmas crafts with this collection of 20 easy wine bottle crafts that I’ve collected.


I love crafting around this time of year. There are just so many ways to DIY your Christmas decorating, like these 40 Festive Dollar Store Christmas Decorations You Can Easily DIY. I love trying each and every one of them. I’ve got such a great collection of wine bottle crafts that will make your holiday decorating great fun. If you drink wine, then you’ve got something to do with all those empty bottles. If you don’t drink it, you can find empty wine bottles for around a dollar each at yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores.Now, we’re going to look at some amazing ways to transform those wine bottles into these festively easy Christmas craft and decorating ideas. While you’re thinking about how to DIY your Christmas decorating be sure to take a look at this great snowman wreath for the front door, too. You can make this the best DIY Christmas ever!

1. Glitter Holiday Message Bottles

Glitter Holiday Message Bottles

Spread some holiday cheer and state your message beautifully with these lettered wine bottles. You just paint them in whatever color you want and then choose your message, which you add with cut out lettering. These are gorgeous and such a lovely way to display your Christmas greenery or other foliage.Source/Tutorial: throughtheyellowdoor

2. Grinchy Bottles

Grinchy BottlesThe Grinch is one of my favorite holiday movies, and I bet you love it, too. You can turn those empty wine bottles into whimsical renditions of your favorite Grinch characters. Kids will adore these sitting around the mantel and they’re really easy to recreate, even if you’re not really an artist.

3. Christmas Wine Bottle Lamps

Christmas Wine Bottle LampsThis is a great idea for wine bottles of all shapes and sizes. You just clean them up and put clear Christmas lights into them, effectively turning them into gorgeous holiday lamps that you can use to decorate any room. You can, if you want to make the look permanent, drill a small hole in the back of the bottle at the bottom and feed the lights in so that there’s an easy place for the cord to come out.

Source/Tutorial: ehow

4. Twined and Painted Bottles

 Twined and Painted BottlesThese lovely white bottles have twine at the tops to give them a bit of a rustic look. You can paint them white and then add red decorations or lettering to create your own holiday message. Fill them with sprigs of white and red berries to really finish off the look.

Source/Tutorial: etsy

5. Dressed Up Bottles

Dressed Up BottlesThese tiny little scarves and hats are perfect for decorating wine bottles, or just about anything else for that matter. You can paint your bottles first if you want, but you don’t have to. This is a great way to decorate darker bottles. Just add a hat and scarf to each and they’re ready for winter playing.

Source/Tutorial: life4up

6. Glittery Embossed Bottles

Glittery Embossed BottlesHere’s another take on the glittery message bottles. You can use glitter paint to create these and you simply tape on the letters that you want for your message before you paint the bottles. Then remove the paint and you’ve got your message embossed. You’ll need spray glue, glitter, adhesive letters, and clear coat if you want. This is an easy and fun project that only takes about an hour from start to finish.

7. Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Wine Bottle Christmas TreeHow adorable is this Christmas tree made from wine bottles? If you’ve got different colored bottles, this would be a great way to incorporate them into your holiday decorating. All lit up and ready to go, this tree is sure to be a great conversation starter at your holiday parties.

Source/Tutorial: thisgreenlife

8. Candlestick Bottles

Candlestick BottlesPaint your wine bottles to look like Santa, Frosty, or any other holiday themed character, or however you want, and then display them on tall candlesticks. I love how elegant this looks and you have so many possibilities!

Source/Tutorial: madeurban

9. Frosted Luminaries

Frosted LuminariesThe frosted look really makes these bottles look like winter décor, and the lights just give them a gorgeous glow. You can either use frosted bottles or frost your own if you don’t have any. Either way, this is sure to give you a gorgeous addition to your decorating.

Source/Tutorial: thatswhatchesaid

10. Sheet Music Covered Bottles

Sheet Music Covered BottlesWhy is it that sheet music makes the best Christmas décor? I love these wine bottles covered in sheet music, and particularly with the greenery at the top. The twine and tiny bells give them just the right vintage look, and they’re so very easy to make.

Source/Tutorial: aimeelove

11. Snowflake Wine Bottle Light

Snowflake Wine Bottle LightI found this gorgeous snowflake light on Etsy, but you could easily recreate it. You’ll need a blue wine bottle or you’ll need to paint a bottle blue. The snowflakes are white but you could also do silver if you prefer. Then you just add clear lights and embellish however you want. This is such a simple yet beautiful way to recycle those wine bottles.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.

12. Santa Face Bottles

Santa Face BottlesSet your creativity loose and use it to create these adorable Santa face wine bottles. The red bottles really show off the white of Santa’s beard, which is painted but you could use cotton balls to make it a bit more lifelike if you wanted. Kids will adore these, and they make wonderful gifts.

Source/Tutorial: thewowstyle

13. White Snowflake Bottles

White Snowflake BottlesThese bottles actually look as if they’ve been sitting out in the snow. The fake snow is a great addition to the already white bottles and really gives them an elegant look. Add red berry sprigs or a hint of silver or gold to really make them luxurious.

14. Wine Bottle Candlesticks

White Snowflake BottlesYou don’t even have to paint or glitter up your wine bottles to give them a Christmas look. Clear bottles can be used as candlesticks, and when you dress them up with pine sprigs and pinecones, they give you the perfect Christmas décor. Add a taper candle to the top and you’re all done.

Source/Tutorial: vibekedesign

15. Snowmen Painted Bottles

Snowmen Painted BottlesBring some extra whimsy into your holiday decorating with these adorable snowmen bottles. Paint your wine bottles white and then just add the face and any decorations that you want. These are really easy and you can use them as candlesticks, vases, or just leave them sitting around.

Source/Tutorial: geekandfood

16. Candy Cane Bottles

Candy Cane BottlesThese wine bottles painted as candy canes are my absolute favorite! I love how elegant they look and you can do different patterns so they don’t all look the same. Use red glitter and make them really elegant or you could use flat paint if you prefer to make them look a bit more traditional.

17. Penguin Wine Bottle

Penguin Wine BottleYour kids are going to adore these little penguins that you can easily make from a wine bottle. You’ll need to paint the bottle black if it’s not already, and then you just dress it up with some googly eyes, a scarf, and a hat. He’s the cutest penguin ever, and he’s simple to create.

Source/Tutorial: etsy

18. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Wine Bottle CenterpieceUse your wine bottles to create this amazing centerpiece. These are painted and glittered in red and gold for a really elegant Christmas look. You can pick up gold serving plates at Dollar Stores for about a dollar each to help create the look. Add ribbons or other embellishments and really make them special.

Source/Tutorial: wineandcork

19. Multi-Colored Bottle Lamps

Multi-Colored Bottle LampsUse multi-colored Christmas lights in clear or frosted wine bottles to create this stunning lamp. This is a great project for clear or colored bottles and it’s really easy. You literally just have to put the lights in the bottle, and maybe tie on a red ribbon. It’s that easy to create beautiful DIY decorations with those empty bottles.

Source/Tutorial: blogyourwine

20. Santa’s Coat Wine Bottles

Santa’s Coat Wine BottlesPaint wine bottles red and then dress them up like Santa’s coat. These are really cute and also very easy to make. A little twine at the top really sets them off, and you can use them in a number of ways. Tie a few gold or silver bells on top or fill them with red or white berry sprigs.



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