These Infographics Are All Youll Ever Need For Home Decorating

This roundup of diagrams is a great guide if you are looking for some interior decorating help. Not all of us can hire a professional when it comes to decorating our houses and I bet not many of us actually are professional decorators/designers. Anyone? Stop by my house please if you are!

I found this very helpful because its hard for me to picture the finished project. These diagrams help give a nice idea of what the end result will look like without going through all the work. Perfect! That way I dont have to do the project and then decide at the end that I dont like it after all.

I like having all the info in one place too. If I were to search tile designs a bunch of different sites would pop up and I would have to go to all of them before I found the right one. If I went to a home improvement store my tile selections wouldnt be lined up this closely for me to compare. I like this much better.

The standard furniture dimensions and the dimensions for space planning would be super helpful when shopping if I forgot to measure. For pillow style, Im rockin #8. My headboard is a cross between York and Hanover. I have the empire shades. Thats just cool info to know.

If this all is a little much for you I understand. It is a lot! But #23 and #24 are for everyone. Wall art and picture hanging is always helpful info to have. And HGTV has 25 other ways to dress up your blank walls if hanging pictures and wall art just isnt for you. Super cute! Check them out here.

See all 37 diagrams here…

BuzzFeed: These 37 Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home

BuzzFeed: These 37 Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home


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